About us

The AWTI advises the Government and the Parliament on policies related to scientific research, technological developments and innovation. Knowledge, research and innovation are important for all policy areas. In spite of this, the AWTI mainly relates to the areas dominated by the minister of Education, Culture and Science (science policy) and Economic Affairs (innovation policy).


The AWTI is a strategic advisory council, (as stipulated in 2014). The official task of the council consists of the following: ‘The council will advise the government and the State-General on national and international policies with respect tot science, technology and innovation, with special attention for the connection between science, technology and innovation and its impact on economy and society'. The AWTI advises on policy headlines in the mid- and long-term.


The AWTI provides advice when it is applied for or when the council deems it necessary. It enjoys an independent position towards the Ministers and their Departments, as well as towards other parties involved. Every year the AWTI makes an overview of the advisory topics for that period in the AWTI work programme.


The AWTI focuses on knowledge development, technology and innovation, on the related policies and the factors that influence these processes. Often the AWTI will advise on the preconditions for knowledge development and innovation. For example, on the financing of research institutes or the amount of women working in science and R&D. The council also advises on the social and economic consequences of science and technology.

The council

The advisory council consists of a maximum of 10 members, each originating from different sectors of society, such as research institutes and trade and industry. The members do not represent any special interests. Here you can find more information about the members.

Work method

The AWTI relies heavily on the input of different parties from the fields of science and innovation. Also, the contact with policymakers is important in the formulation of its advices. For more information on the approach utilised by the AWTI see the section on Work Method.

The office

The AWTI is supported by an office of scientific and supporting staff. The office prepares the advices of the Council and provides the Council with general aid with its related duties.


The AWTI publishes its advices in differing documents: reports, advisory letters and background studies. Furthermore, it also publishes a weekly AWTI e-mail alert, annual reports and an evaluation report (once every four years).


The Advisory Bodies Framework Act stipulates that strategic advisory councils have to draw up an evaluation report every four years. In an evaluation, an opinion is formed on whether the council has fulfilled its task over a certain period of time. Since its formation, the AWTI has been evaluated three times by an external independent commission.