The council is supported by the secretary/director, who manages the office of the AWTI. The office consists of five scientific staff members and four supporting staff members.


  • J.J.G. Bovens LL.M

Scientific staff members

  • Dr Ch. P. Eveleens
  • A.M. van der Giessen M.A.
  • Dr H.P.A. Knops
  • Dr K.A. Torrance (deputy secretary/director)
  • R. Verschuur M.A. (seconded)
  • M.D.J. van Well M.A.

Supporting staff members

  • R. Isrie (executive secretary)
  • S. Peek (officemanager)
  • E. de Swart (communication)
  • T. van der Wiel (employee advice and support) (seconded )
  • P. Seijmonsbergen (facilities employee)

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