drs. A (Annelieke) van der Giessen (senior scientific staff member and deputy director)

Image: ©AWTI

Annelieke van der Giessen has been a senior scientific staff member at AWTI since 2016. Since 2021 she has been deputy Secretary/Director.Prior to this she worked at the TNO research institute as a senior researcher and adviser on science, technology and innovation policy (2001-2016). Her activities there included policy evaluation and monitoring, policy impact analysis and benchmarking for both national and international clients, including the European Commission, Dutch government agencies and sector organisations. She also worked on forward studies and was involved in research on the socioeconomic impact of innovation and emerging technologies. Annelieke studied Business Studies, specialising in Management of Technology and Innovation, at Erasmus University Rotterdam/ Rotterdam School of Management (2001). She also studied Small Business Management at Haarlem Business School (1998).

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