J.M.V. (Justien) Dingelstad MSc (scientific staff member)


Justien joined AWTI as a junior scientific staff member in 2020.
She completed a Bachelor’s degree and research Master’s in Business Studies at Utrecht University (2013-2019) and spent a semester studying Political Science and Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley (2017). During her studies she worked as a research assistant at Utrecht University on the ‘public innovation’ theme (2017-2019). As part of this project she organised two Living Labs for local government (in Utrecht and Gouda) in which open data was used to address societal issues. She also worked as a junior researcher at Datawerkplaats, a partnership between Utrecht University (Utrecht Data School) and local government aimed at developing effective ways of using new technologies in local government and the public sector. She carried out her graduation research project here on the competencies required for data-driven decision-making in local government.

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