dr. T. (Tara) van Viegen (scientific staff member)

Tara van Vliegen
Image: ©awti

Tara van Viegen has been working as a council employee at the AWTI since March 2022.

Before this she worked at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as a senior policy officer (2021-2022). There she was involved in, among other things, digital literacy and setting up the National Education Lab. In America, Tara worked as a postdoc at Princeton University (2019-2021) and she committed to an accessible summer school in computational neuroscience at Neuromatch Academy (2020-2021). She holds a PhD in psychology/cognitive neuroscience from the University of Birmingham in England (2016-2019). Her dissertation was concerned with the relationship between brain waves and behavioral changes. Tara studied Brain and Cognitive Sciences with a specialization in Cognitive Neuroscience (2013-2015) and Psychobiology (2010-2013) at the University of Amsterdam.

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