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  1. Advice: Knowledge in Conflict: Striking a Balance between Security and Liberty

    The combination of geopolitical, technological, and societal trends is making international collaboration between knowledge ...

    Publication | 28-11-2022

  2. Advisory report: Unbounded research

    Interdisciplinarity is crucial in research. It leads to scientific breakthroughs and opens the way for solutions to complex ...

    Publication | 06-04-2022

  3. Summary: Grasp the challenge - Daring to go for energy innovation

    Breakthrough innovations are essential to achieve a sustainable energy supply. Therefore, the Dutch government must give greater ...

    Publication | 19-01-2022

  4. Advisory report: Seizing opportunities with knowledge - Strengthening the links between researchers and entrepreneurs

    New knowledge is vital to keep the economy healthy and resolve societal challenges. Key here is that businesses can benefit from ...

    Publication | 25-11-2021

  5. Advice: Central and regional government need to work together to raise the bar for innovation

    The Netherlands is facing a period of major transitions towards a green, sustainable, digital and inclusive economy. Innovation ...

    Publication | 05-07-2021

  6. Column: Fundamental research is still vital even during the coronavirus crisis

    While there is clearly a strong desire to find solutions to existing problems, it is actually unfettered fundamental research ...

    Publication | 12-05-2021

  7. Advice: State of knowledge - Restoring the value of knowledge and expertise in policy and politics

    The Netherlands is a country rich in knowledge, but there are challenges in ensuring that government policy is always properly ...

    Publication | 01-04-2021

  8. Advice: A better start. The key to growth of knowledge-intensive start-ups

    The climate for start-ups in the Netherlands has improved in recent years, but the growth of knowledge-intensive start-ups after ...

    Publication | 15-10-2020

  9. Advice: Strengthen the role of science, technology and innovation in societal transitions

    The Netherlands is a prosperous country with a flourishing economy. However, as a nation we face a number of urgent societal ...

    Publication | 11-03-2020

  10. Advice: A more forceful choice for key technologies

    Key technologies deliver ground-breaking innovations which help progress on all fronts. They lead to better medical care, cleaner ...

    Publication | 27-02-2020