Create value from societal challenges

Citizens, the business community, scientists and academics, and the government are all facing serious societal challenges. But in addition to presenting us with problems, these challenges are also opportunities to be seized.

For businesses, they are the markets of the future. For ambitious entrepreneurs, they represent the opportunity to create new value. For creative scientists and academics, they are a path towards recognition by peers and wider society. For citizens, they are an invitation to become involved in the development of a safer, more sustainable and healthier society. And for government, societal challenges are both a call and an opportunity to redefine the meaning of public service. The government’s new role might be one of participant and supporter, broker or coordinator of a mutual approach, or even as an entrepreneurial trailblazer. In today’s world, challenges in society call for a government with the expert knowledge required to inspire and motivate, confident in its role and consistent in its policy.