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  1. Focus on India - Advisory Letter on Dutch-Indian Collaboration in Science, Technology and Innovation

    The Netherlands has a lot gain from enhanced collaboration with India on science, talent and innovation. India offers many ...

    Publication | 20-03-2018

  2. Vital links

    Publication | 13-09-2017

  3. Japan: impressions of an innovative land

    At the invitation of the Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo, on 27 September 2014 I set off for a working visit to Japan. I had three ...

    Publication | 15-03-2017

  4. Flexibility, differentiation, sharper choices

    This report addresses the following question: Given what the Netherlands has achieved with its Top Sectors approach, what should ...

    Publication | 16-02-2017

  5. Capturing, processing and valorizing knowledge

    Knowledge absorptive capacity is the ability to identify, assimilate and utilise relevant knowledge. It enables research ...

    Publication | 16-02-2017

  6. Maintain the basics - Summary

    Publication | 19-12-2016

  7. Dare to share

    This advisory report is about open science, and more specifically about access to scholarly publications (open access) and ...

    Publication | 31-03-2016

  8. Ready for the Future? Towards a broad ICT strategy

    The summary and first part of the advice 'Klaar voor de Toekomst?' are available in English. 

    Publication | 24-03-2016

  9. Summary Dare to share

    Publication | 27-01-2016

  10. Press release Dare to share

    All publicly financed scholarly publications should be made available for free (open access), according to the Dutch Advisory ...

    Publication | 27-01-2016