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Standing out from the crowd

Dutch public research institutes and public research funders have far-reaching freedom in determining their research policy. The ...

Publication | 25-04-2014


The Council adviced the Dutch government on how to increase the innovative and growth capacity of SMEs. The Council adviced to ...

Publication | 17-03-2014


AWT sees social innovation as a collective term for contemporary initiatives by people and organizations focussed on devising ...

Publication | 31-01-2014

Going Dutch

What will the knowledge society of the future look like? What does internationalization mean in the context of knowledge, ...

Publication | 04-11-2013

Create value from societal challenges

Citizens, the business community, scientists and academics, and the government are all facing serious societal challenges. But in ...

Publication | 21-10-2013

Choosing for knowledge workers

Worldwide, the demand for knowledge workers is growing faster than ever before. There are currently many signs of an imbalance ...

Publication | 12-09-2013

Size and suitability

This report addresses the question which strategy the Netherlands should follow with regard to public investments in large-scale ...

Publication | 16-05-2013

Valuing Services

Innovations are increasingly occurring in value chains of raw materialproduct-service-user. This development requires skills at ...

Publication | 12-12-2012

China's extended hand

The AWT advices the Dutch government on their policy to strenghten the scientific and technological cooperation between China and ...

Publication | 23-03-2012

Vision China on Sino-Dutch knowledge cooperation

On request of AWT, International Top Talent prepared a background study on the vision of Chinese parties on knowledge cooperation ...

Publication | 20-10-2011