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  1. Carefully considered Incentives

    Strategic investment in focal points.

    Publication | 12-11-2007

  2. Balance in policy

    Science and innovation policy in outline.

    Publication | 10-04-2007

  3. A radiant future

    Policies for 'valorisation' of the humanities and social sciences.

    Publication | 15-03-2007

  4. To bid and to bind, that's no question

    Internationalisation of R&D as a policy challenge.

    Publication | 24-01-2007

  5. Opening up

    Policy for Open innovation.

    Publication | 06-07-2006

  6. More Open innovation

    Practice, developments, motivations and barriers in SMEs.

    Publication | 06-07-2006

  7. Essay competition 'Open innovation' completed

    In the summer of 2005 AWT organised an essay competition on the subject of 'Open Innovation', because the Council is in the ...

    Publication | 12-01-2006

  8. Time for a KIQ start!

    More investment in education and research.

    Publication | 26-10-2005

  9. To better serve services

    Innovation policy for services.

    Publication | 13-09-2005

  10. Design and development

    The function and place of research activities in universities of professional education.

    Publication | 24-08-2005