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Collaborate to innovate

This study describes aspects of Brazil’s knowledge and innovation system that affect Dutch-Brazilian cooperation in the field of ...

Publication | 12-01-2016

The relationship between teaching and research in higher education

In this report the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) addresses the question of how policy can help ...

Publication | 26-06-2015

SMEs and Universities of Applied Sciences

In this report, the Council addresses the question how SMEs and universities of applied sciences can improve their knowledge ...

Publication | 22-04-2015

Regional innovation hotspots

In this report the Advisory council for science, technology and innovation (AWTI) indicates ways in which Dutch central and ...

Publication | 10-11-2014

Status of the top sectors in 2014

The purpose of this status report is to provide input for effective adjustments to the top sector policy.

Publication | 02-10-2014

Standing out from the crowd

Dutch public research institutes and public research funders have far-reaching freedom in determining their research policy. The ...

Publication | 25-04-2014


The Council adviced the Dutch government on how to increase the innovative and growth capacity of SMEs. The Council adviced to ...

Publication | 17-03-2014


AWT sees social innovation as a collective term for contemporary initiatives by people and organizations focussed on devising ...

Publication | 31-01-2014

Going Dutch

What will the knowledge society of the future look like? What does internationalization mean in the context of knowledge, ...

Publication | 04-11-2013

Create value from societal challenges

Citizens, the business community, scientists and academics, and the government are all facing serious societal challenges. But in ...

Publication | 21-10-2013