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  1. Innovation without invention

    Knowledge utilisation in the SME sector.

    Publication | 05-07-2005

  2. Knowledge for policy

    Policy for knowledge.

    Publication | 30-05-2005

  3. The value of knowledge

    The economic importance of university research.

    Publication | 19-04-2005

  4. Myth and reality

    The behaviour of innovative service providers in seven sectors.

    Publication | 29-03-2005

  5. Together smarter in supply chains

    Competences in supply chain management as a competitive factor for Dutch companies.

    Publication | 02-12-2004

  6. Time to pick the fruits of the loom

    Renewing innovation policy.

    Publication | 23-06-2004

  7. The price of success

    Matching research subsidies in knowledge institutions

    Publication | 16-04-2004

  8. Dutch Compass for the European Research Area

    Strategic framework for the internationalisation of research and innovation policy.

    Publication | 30-01-2004

  9. Knowledge networking

    The absorption and utilisation of knowledge by the business sector.

    Publication | 27-11-2003

  10. What comes from afar...

    Shaping Dutch bilateral research policy.

    Publication | 28-10-2003