Knowledge transfer to entrepreneurs

A crucial condition for successful entrepreneurship is access to new knowledge. Dutch knowledge institutes play a leading role internationally, at the forefront of science. Yet it can absolutely not be taken for granted that the knowledge they develop will be available to small businesses in a timely manner and in a usable form to facilitate innovation. Conversely, it can also not be automatically assumed that researchers within knowledge institutes are concerned with those knowledge questions which are crucial for innovating entrepreneurs.

In a knowledge economy such as the Netherlands, it is of crucial importance that the interaction between knowledge development on the one hand and innovating businesses on the other is as seamless as possible. This interaction between ‘knowledge’ and business is continually developing, with new forms of knowledge transfer coming more to the fore in recent years (such as open science, innovation partnerships and academic spin-offs). Yet there are still areas where knowledge transfer from knowledge institutes lags behind, for example in parts of the ‘broad SME sector’. The fear is that this is causing the Netherlands to miss opportunities.

In response to this, AWTI is examining the question of how entrepreneurs can make better use of knowledge generated by knowledge institutes to facilitate innovation.

Expected date of publication:

Summer 2021