Work Programme 2022

The Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI) advises the Dutch government and parliament on policy to science, technology and innovation (STI), with a focus on the interrelationship between them and on the deployment of science, technology and innovation to achieve economic and societal goals. Its advice is independent and focused on a longer term  perspective. It offers policy options to enable the government and parliament to strengthen their policies.

AWTI’s advisory reports are always written from an international perspective, reflecting the fact that the Netherlands is heavily dependent for its prosperity on the international context and is part of an international community. Science, technology and innovation require international coordination and cooperation.

Topics for 2022

  1. The changing relationship between society and STI
  2. Reversals in STI policy. How can the Netherlands make policy more transformative?
  3. Knowledge security and openness in international STI cooperation.

In addition tot he themes from the work programma, there is always room for advice by letter, essays, advice requested from the cabinet or parliament.