Higher education

Higher education institutions train students to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of the future. This is important for the Dutch economy and society, but also meets the needs of people to develop their talents to the full. Universities and universities of applied sciences help students to develop their academic and practical skills and to make optimum use of their creativity and capacity for innovative thought.
AWTI regularly advises government on higher education, with a focus on the future need for knowledge and skills and the alignment between higher education and the labour market. The Council believes it is extremely important that students end up in the right place within the higher education system so that they are able to follow a programme that is in tune with their ambitions and talents and which prepares them well for the future. Higher education institutions have a shared responsibility here. To meet that responsibility, it is key that universities and universities of applied sciences adopt a distinctive profile and collaborate more. Research has a prominent place in good higher education, and AWTI has accordingly published several advisory reports on how to strengthen the links between education and research.