Technology and technology policy

Technology makes our way of life possible. The way we produce and consume, the way we live together as a society and the way we communicate are all dependent on technology. New technologies are coming on stream at a rapid pace, such as smart robots, flexible 3D printers and sustainable energy technologies.

Further investment in technological development is crucial in helping to resolve societal issues in areas such as the environment, climate change and exhaustion of fossil fuels and natural resources. At the same time, new technology applications can lead to unexpected – and sometimes undesirable – consequences; technology not only offers opportunities, but can also give rise to new risks.
The government has a key role to play in stimulating technological developments, but also in ensuring that those developments are channelled in the right direction and in countering undesirable effects.

In its advisory reports to government, AWTI examines the question of what is needed for an effective technology policy. How should technology policy be aligned with the economic structure of the Netherlands and the issues that are relevant in Dutch society? Is technology policy generic or technology-specific? And how should national and regional technology policy be dovetailed with each other? The Council also considers the support for specific technologies, including ICT, aerospace technology and energy-related technologies. In addition, the Council advises on the relationship between technology and society.